About the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity  
    The Institute of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity was founded by St. John Eudes, in 1641 in Caen, France.  
    On July 8, 1855, Sister Jerome Tourneux of Rennes, France, established the first Foundation in North America in Buffalo, New York, and thus began the spread of the Mission of Our Lady of Charity in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  

In 1944, the Communities of Our Lady of Charity in North America formed a Federation. Sister Agnes Dunne, of the Erie Community was elected the first President of the Federation.

St. John Eudes
      Under the Presidency of Sister Ellen Patrick Stapleton, of the Wheeling Community, the Sisters of the Federation petitioned the Holy See to form a “Union of Sisters” in North America. On March 21, 1979, the North American Union Sisters of Our Lady of Charity received its approval from the Holy See.  
      Our primary Apostolate is to work with “women in need.” Today our ministries include: counseling, serving in English and Spanish speaking parishes, counseling troubled teenage girls, day care for children and adults, rehabilitation and nursing care for the ill and elderly, people with AIDS, teaching in schools and religious education programs.  

Reaching out to those in need
Alert to the needs of the times
Willingness to take the initiative
Courage to meet the challenge

      We are located in: Hamburg & Newburgh, NY; Erie & Pittsburgh, PA; Wheeling, WV; & El Paso, TX; Carrollton, OH; Green Bay, WI; San Diego, CA; and Mexico & Canada.  
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