Reaching Out to Those in Need
  Founded in 1641 in Caen, France, the mission of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity is to minister to those persons wounded by life's harshness.    
  Our primary focus is on working with women in need. As such our ministries include providing:    
  • Shelter for victims of domestic abuse
  • Counseling for troubled teenaged girls
  • Day care for children and adults
  • Rehabilitative and nursing care for the ill, elderly, and people with AIDS
Carrollton, Ohio is the home of the
Sisters of Our Lady of Charity.
  We minister in English- and Spanish-speaking parishes where we also teach in local schools and offer religious education programs.    
Our life in community calls us to share all things in common and to strive to deepen our spiritual life and develop a balance between our prayer life and our apostolic service.  
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